The physical Lodge may well be closed at the moment, as we battle the pandemic raging across the world, but that does not mean we are not here. Our work in the Craft continues in private, as we continue to work on ourselves, and ensure that our fellow brethren, and the people around us, are cared for.

Likewise our work in speaking to potential Candidates, anyone who is genuinely interested in Freemasonry – whether in English, German or Turkish continues. While our Lodge works exclusively in the English language, there are also many others working close by, and throughout Germany, who employ other languages. We are more than happy to pass information on to other Lodges, and allow contact, as much as we are more than happy to entertain questions and pass on information about this Lodge.

So even i n these drastic times of lockdown and separation, we are only a mail away, and you can use our Contact form to get in touch, pose your questions, learn about the Craft and, eventually, come together with us for personal meetings and the possibility of joining us in our work.